About us

The Committee is a hardcore PVP/RVR guild with player base deriving mostly from Croatia and the Balkans, but has over time expanded recruitment channels throughout Europe. Due to this, all text in guild chat/warband/party is composed in English and is therefore the compulsory language to use on Voice Comm's.

Warhammer Online


The guild was founded back in 2007 for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) by a couple of people who met in Age of Conan, a game that was very short lived for most of the players, so full focus fell on WAR as the new big thing in MMO world. The Committee recruited players mostly from Croatia (recruitment was being done on various gaming and IT sites) at that time and was considered the unofficial Croatian WAR community. Later on, however, we started recruiting players from all over Europe and even outside the continent, and since then, The Committee slowly grew into international gaming community it is today.

The Committee made a big name for itself in WAR on servers Karak Hirn and Karak Norn. Considered one of the top sieging guilds and probably the most feared in instanced PVP (scenarios), We always focused on great teamplay and rigorously avoided the use of heavy AOE team setups that would ravage the opposition with little to no skill involved. WAR was fun, but soon it became more then obvious that it could no longer cater to our need for top quality PVP and soon we decided to move, together with our friends from the WAR community (such as Ginnunga and Explicit Content) on to what seemed at the time as "greener pastures".



Here is where the second chapter to our story begins. The Guild chose Aion as the next big MMO to play, with most members playing it from launch in 2009. Aion started out amazingly well, but soon it became blatantly obvious that it's gameplay, which consisted mostly of mindless grind, was not our "cup of tea".

Most of the people left the game after only a few weeks, but still we managed to maintain a healthy player base with recruiting and we still managed to play an important role on the server that we chose as our homeland - Perento.

New friendships were made, new wars were fought and after some two years we decided to call it on Aion and we disbanded the guild due to lack player activity and whoever was left joined Astralis, new friends that took us in and made us feel welcome and made the game feel at least a bit more fun for a short while, until everyone pretty much decided to quit.

The Committee spent a short time in Star Wars: The Old Republic on Tomb of Freedon Nad server, but the game really did not live up to anyones expectations so everyone left the game in less then a month. All in all, a very short lived and unexciting period of our history in yet another failure of an mmo.

At this point it would be unfair not to mention all the good games on which we wasted our lives in the absence of MMO's, so we would like to thank our good friends: Battlefield Bad Company 2, League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, EVE Online and many, many more.

he Last few years, The Committee has been waiting for the release of Guild Wars 2 as one of the most anticipated MMO's in history. We joined forces with Explicit Content once again and decided to rule the virtual world. Today we stand proud on Sefarer's Rest server waiting to write new pages in both ours and the games history books.

Have fun and see you on the battlefield.