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The Committee

PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:50 pm
by Veles
The Committee is a hardcore PVP/RVR guild with player base deriving mostly from Croatia and Balkan, but the guild have expanded our recruitment channels throughout Europe. Due to this, all text on guild chat/warband/party is composed in English and is therefore the compulsory language to use on Ventrilo. (The Committee currently uses an alliance Ventrilo, we are also in possesion of our own Ventrilo server for guild only events).
We also do PVE because of the gear, and to take an occasional break from RVR/PVP.

So if you like the best premades, awesome small skirmish fights and the occasional PVE runs with experienced and clued up people, you came in the right place!

Did I mention that we have a lot of fun outside of the game? When we're not logged in, you'll find most of us on Ventrillo chatting, playing other games and enganging in some mandatory banter! So not everything is black and white and extremely serious, but there's a time and a place for everything.

Age limit for 'The Committee' is 18, but we will consider people who are 16+ if they leave a very good impression on guild leader and/or guild officers in informal chat ingame or via application.

If you are lucky enough to join us and to pass your trial period you will be among the best, and you will recieve all the perks of being a guild member. So in one sentence: We ask for the best, in return we will give you the best.