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sjenka Tue Jan 16, 2018 5:32 pm:
Seraph Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:42 pm:
Jel postoji jos discord i jel neko moze baciti invite?
ezav Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:46 am:
Je bome je aktivno na chat od discord :)
Zmalamuth Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:49 pm:
Zmalamuth Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:49 pm:
Alive and kicking, People are on discord as usual
Cebo Thu Apr 06, 2017 3:52 pm:
O, pa stranica je ziva
Cebo Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:08 pm:
To traje od 8-13 studenog
ezav Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:17 am:
Nemam blage kada je ... ali ak bu okupljanja ja cem da probam dojt :)
Zmalamuth Sat Oct 15, 2016 9:37 pm:
mogao bi potegnut za vikend
Zmalamuth Sat Oct 15, 2016 9:37 pm:
ja sam jos uvijek u Rijeci, kada je infogamer?
Cebo Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:56 pm:
De ste, komitetlije, vidim svugdje reklame za infogamer ovogodisnji - ide ko ili mozda kakvo grupno okupljanje uz pivu tamo?
Zmalamuth Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:16 pm:
Hello Romgaard, we have our eyes on couple game, but nothing firm, camelot unchained promises to be what Warhammer: Total War was supposed to be, so will see how it pans out
Romgaard Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:07 pm:
Whats the "next" game for The committee?...I looking forward to Camelot unchained :-)
ezav Thu Sep 15, 2016 11:03 pm:
Ooooo hello :)
Romgaard Thu Sep 15, 2016 7:52 pm:
well..hello u croatian weirdos :-)
ezav Sun Jul 03, 2016 1:58 pm:
tnx :)
Zmalamuth Sun Jul 03, 2016 1:09 pm: this one should have no expire
Zmalamuth Sun Jul 03, 2016 1:08 pm: this should be viable for next 24 hours, hope it works
sjenka Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:48 pm:
Can somebody please leave discord info and how to join.. Thx. It is not like I am there everyday but wanna have some way to stay in contact..
ezav Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:09 pm:
Ok tnx :) ... I hope to se some post on the forum how to "Discord" ... See you :)
Zmalamuth Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:23 pm:
some people are on discord, but i have no clue how to invite to discord, please contact thong/rofellos
ezav Thu Jun 30, 2016 10:30 am:
Btw Zmala so we use Discord now or something else ?
ezav Thu Jun 30, 2016 10:28 am:
Oh .. ok :(
Zmalamuth Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:48 pm:
Team Speak server has been shut down, Thx for all the fish
Worthaur Tue May 17, 2016 10:08 pm:

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[Links / Tools / Guides]

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[Links / Tools / Guides]

Postby Harin » Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:45 am


EVE Online Main Site - Forums, Account Management, Basic Game Info, Support

EVE Community - All from above, News, Devblogs

EVE Gate - Character Profile, contacts and mails

Battleclinic Loadouts - Ship loadouts, EVE Tools and guides, Forum

EVE Kill - Killboard

EVE News 24 - Most popular fan news site

Dotlan EVE Maps - So much more then just maps

EVE Central Market - Not near a trade hub and need a price check?!

Jitonomics - Another market tool

EVE Survival - Don't do missions without this site!

Kugutsumen - Scary forum full of bitter vets but decent place to follow political situation in EVE

EVE Political Map - Not really a big fan of reading?


EVEMon - Good tool to quickly check up on your characters skill queue, mails, create skill plans, wallet, cointract and asset status, tmineral price checkups and much more!

EFT - EVE Fitting Tool, play with ship fittings. Fitting tools are a must have for any EVE player.

Pyfa - Another fitting tool.

EVEHQ - As well as containing a substantial core list of features such as pilot monitoring, skill queue planning and in-game notifications, it utilises a plug-in system which can extend the application in a myriad of ways. Current plug-ins available include ship fitting, mapping and routing, full item database, wormhole and w-space information, POS management and killmail viewing.


Google is your best friend in EVE. Use it and hunt for information you need. Only thing you need to watch out for is that any info forums and guides might offer it can be outdated, so try to doublecheck sometimes.



EVE guides

*If you post other useful links i will add them to first post. Don't troll this thread, it will get deleted.

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Re: [Links / Tools / Guides]

Postby Harin » Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:05 am

Taken from Kugutsumen forum, made by Banlish's
Entire thread is very useful and interesting, I think he is still working to complete the guide so I will probably add stuff later on...

Passive income generation methods and practices

Some of the best ways in EVE to make ISK is slowly over time and with as little actual effort as possible, many different methods fall under this but the way I see it, if you can do something with less then 1 hour per day, 6 or less days per week then you'll be able to spend more time on PVP, PVEing with buddies, or sitting in fleet fights and not caring that it's taking 4+ hours to get a 10 minute rush as both sides clash and one quickly retreats.

Alt help - Alts really do make the game in EVE, if you try to do everything with your main you will quickly find that you've become a jack of all trades, master of none and everyone else is way ahead of you in many of the area's you want to be good at. Save yourself some time and effort and get an alt or alts, if I could go back to my past self in 2004 I would have created a PVP main, PvE missioner/miner, Cap pilot in training and a Trader/Hauler alt. Yes that's 4 alts and yes it can get expensive but to make up for it over time I'm sitting on just over a dozen accounts right now, and yes most of them have been paid for by ISK not RL cash.

My main can fly hulks, but hasn't since late 2009, why? Well for one it's boring as fucking hell to me, but mostly it's because I have other toons that fly those things much much better. Being focused on certain area's with your toons means you won't be left behind or playing catch-up when it comes to new ships, doctrines or weapons. There's nothing better then the alliance your in saying "we're switching from Alpha fleet to a slow cat fleet and you have 2 months to train it all up." And you look at your toon and your already done before day 1 has even started, thats the benefit of having a straight PVP main, or old as fuck character. Either one works.

1. Researching - (not including invention)
Time per week per toon: About 10 minutes per day, per toon.
Time from character creation to being useful: About 45 days.
Demand for products: Medium to Heavy
In-game items needed: POS in empire high sec, BPO's from around empire, some start up isk (around 400 mill if a medium or small tower)
Research everything in corp hanger on station, put NO BPO's in the tower ever!

The why and how, researching is ALWAYS in demand, despite the game being old as shit and there being probably hundreds of thousands of each BPO being out there. There will always be a demand for 'more' or for 'my own' BPO's, there's something in peoples heads when they can dump the BPO's on their alt and not have to share with anyone that makes them feel better about it. Some people figure out that having more then 1 of each BPO mean you can quickly turn around and mass produce tech 1 items or mass copy them, both of which give you a leg up on people that only have 1 or 2 of each.

ME25/PE25 if you run an empire corp with a lvl 5 toon in research, science and Material efficiency you will take 23 hours for the most common BPO's and 2 days for the more advanced ones to research them per side. So a Large Hybrid Antimatter charge with ME25/PE25 will take roughly 2 days to 'finish'. And with the contract system you can easily put up 'sets' of BPO's researched in this method for sale, there are a good amount of people in them, but I believe I was the first back in 2006. I got the idea from watching someone selling research time in their empire POS's, their sales would go up then down as their POS got maxed out and there was always the issue of trust and having BPO's go missing and all that. I figured if I sold pre-researched BPO's in 'sets' I'd always be running my labs at 100% capacity and could make more isk. It was very profitable and didn't take a long time to setup either, but it was almost 2 years before more then 1 or 2 more people got into it. By then the population of the game was higher so it didn't matter.

Items you can research easily and usually sell for quick profits: Ammo, Drones, Mining Crystals, Weapons and Launchers, Armor and Shield hardeners-resists (but NOT reppers), and Speed mods (nano, overdrives, etc).
Try to stay away from: Ship hulls, reppers of any kind, XL items (but not ammos), capital ANYTHING, anything super specialized OR that takes very long period of time to research will quickly drive you to forget to login and your POS most likely going offline.

You can higher corp standings 'pushers' and your alt won't have any standings if you skip the tutorial and run right over to your staging system. This will give you an empire corp with the ability to anchor in a 0.5 to 0.7 system usually within a week, the costs last time I checked were 100 mill for a week for a character to 'sit' in your alt corp and push it up. They don't need to be given any roles to do this btw.

Some suggestions for your empire alt corp and area to do it from. Stay AWAY from the regions around Jita and Amarr, if you go to an empire system and find more then 75% of the moons have empire POS's find some place else. There are tons of empire war deck corps that ransom these POS's, attack em when they see em go offline or hassle people that do this. Going to regions without the 4 major market hubs in them usually will have you left alone for a good half a year to a year before people mess around with you.

Don't forget the stront in the tower, anchored, online and AMMO'ed guns will deter most pirates. And have a month worth of fuel in the station to bring out to the POS, an offline hanger array with 8 days of fuel blocks in it won't hurt either if a pirate group camps the station after war deccing.

And at the very least check your tower once per day, I tried to do it at 5:30pm every day. I'd get home around 5 usually, at 5:30 after checking messages and mail I'd take care of my alt corp, in the beginning it only had 3 toons (all on the same account) and I'd take 30 minutes max to deal with it. After about 3 weeks I could compress it down to 15 minutes if I really tried. Scaling up to 12 toons is what really messed me up, even with good skills and fast login and log out it was taking an HOUR+ per day to just research prints and kick them out.

For the average person I'd say 3 is the sweet spot, you can have a Medium tower with 6 labs (if their normal labs that's 42 slots, way more then you need) and produce for years. If you decide to go away on a vacation for a week or so, or you wanted an extended break I'd max fuel my tower and put some ship prints in for research. After my vacation I'd come back and still have a few days before I'd need to 'pick it up again' worked well and I kept going for almost 3 years solid before I burned out. You won't make billions per month, but 50 mill to 150 mill per day was pretty common, with my 'stocks' of BPO sets never staying in stock for long.
Btw, buy a couple HUNDRED cans in your station to keep sets in once their delievered and keep one SET per can, it makes it SOOOOOO much easier then having 1,000+ prints in a single hanger.

2. Researching and Invention
Time per week per toon: About 20 minutes per day, per toon.
Time from character creation to being useful: About 90 days.
Demand for products: Heavy to Extreme
In-game items needed: POS in empire high sec, BPO's from around empire, some start up isk (around 2.5 bill large Caldari tower needed)

This one can quickly get out of control, but with 3 toons (max I'd EVER go, I recommend 2 at minimum) you can make around 100 tech 2 parts per day, 200 if you have both toons researched correctly. The profits of the tech 2 mods usually go from 250k to around 2 mill, I'll average way down to 500k per part per day. So 200 parts x 500k profit each = 100 mill isk per day. With only a single set of runs each, you are making decent isk for simple effort. If you decide to double your efforts you can do a set of runs before work and another set after work. This would include putting in parts that have an 8 to 10 hour run time and then when after work an 10 to 12 hour run time for more modules coming out.

The POS itself can get a little crazy, I had 6 normal labs, 4 module factories, 2 drone factories, 2 corp hanger arrays and 4 advanced labs on a single caldari POS. It allowed my 3 toons to produce none stop, 3 sets per day for almost 2 years. I ramped it up to 12 toons after about 4 months and quickly killed my drive to login to the game but the isk generation was really good so my greed kept me going.

Every tip for the tower in the section above applies here, keep your POS fueled, stronted, armed and as empty as possible. It will not disappoint you long term, for the results.

The tip I have that makes this different then most however is how to get rid of your stock of tech 2. There are many excellent trading channels in game, and a few mailing lists, if you keep track of your costs of building you will know what the 'at cost' prices are for each module (this includes the failed invention jobs as well btw) even with failed jobs AND using a tech 1 module in each invention job you will still make very good isk, however if you don't sell each pile almost as soon as you invent them you will end up sitting on PILES of stock and waiting to sell before you can invent more.

That's the major bottle neck with invention it isn't invention itself, that will usually at 4/4/4 skills usually spit out a 48% to 52% ratio of successful jobs every time. Your problem will come from trying to sell the stuff off quick enough to get more materials for your invention to keep going. At one point I was sitting on 22 billion in tech 2 parts and had less then 100 mill isk in my pocket, while needing about 2 billion in data cores, minerals and tech 2 components to build more. That's how I found out about the bulk trading people.

There are many people willing to give you 1% to 4% under Jita buy or sell, depending what you invented to buy your entire stack anytime you have it made (usually stacks of 50 to 200 are much prefered however) in return their making that extra 1% to 4% to sit on that stock and slowly sell it down while your happy to be able to make another pile. Other methods obviously still work to sell your stocks, minor mission hubs, the other hubs outside of Jita, Jita can work (just not often), moving a pile to your alliance staging system and putting them up for Jita costs and selling them out quickly, taking them to NPC 0.0 and putting them up in a well run mission running system, or even selling piles to your main corp at a small discount so they'll buy large stocks at a time.

These will keep the isk flowing and you happy, usually it'll work out for you to invent for a week or two, come up with around 500 to 1,000 parts and move them somewhere to sell.
DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AFK MOVE YOUR STOCK OF TECH 2 PARTS TO A MARKET HUB I can't stress this point enough, I won't move anything anymore without using a freighter but I've seen person after person moving stacks of 300 in a tech 1 ship afk and letting it sit on the gates. Even now with auto docking it's still just BEGGING to be nuked into the ground and losing 2 weeks of work and a few billion worth of tech 2. Do. NOT. let. it. happen. to. you.

3. Old fashioned tech 1 production
Time per week per toon: About 5 minutes per day, per toon.
Time from character creation to being useful: About 30 days.
Demand for products: Low to Heavy (depending on spot)
In-game items needed: Normal asteroid minerals, BPC's and a station with factory lines

Most people after a few months in game want to build the EXOTIC stuff, t2 or t3, capitals, super capitals, invention or P.I. with a few planets. However most can make some decent profits just plain old building tech 1 battleships, battlecruisers and cruisers in empire at minor market hub systems. Before I got heavy into invention I would sell 30 to 150 ships per week in the Everyshore region, it wasn't even at a low sec point, it did have a very well run mission hub next door that people HAD to go through to get there. But I only ever built tech 1 hulls, the most popular tech 1 ammo and the most popular tech 1 drones (for there I think it was Hobgoblins, Hammerheads and Orges). And nothing specialized ever, this was from 1 month after I got into the game till 4 years later. When I finally cashed out my 'stock' of minerals and stopped building I had over 40 billion tied up in a single station. It was just time and persistance, nothing special.

The how? Just put up mineral buy orders for trit up to isogen, then import nocx to Megacycte. Buy your BPC's off contracts in the big hubs and don't pull money out for a few months, if you sell a little above Jita that's okay, people will buy from you over time. You won't get Jita+10% but Jita +4% seemed to work wonders for years, use to find out what the ships or mods are going for if you don't want to fly over. Book marking the items you build on your market tab quick bar will save you a ton of time.

You will most likely need to bring in some minerals, for that use either a freighter alt OR Red Frog with collateral. Both work well if you give it more then 1 minute of time and everything arrives usually easily and where you want it.

Time investment? This is one of THE lowest you'll run into, it will take some time to setup, maybe 3 hours on a sunday once to get all the minerals moved over, find out the hulls you want to build and if anyone in the area is building cheaper. But once it's up and running I'd have about 400 BPC runs worth of BS's and BC's and just try to keep 3 of the BS's in stock, with 5 to 10 of every BC. Cruisers you only make 200k to 2 mill usually and after a bit aren't worth doing, but nice at times to keep your station 'well stocked'. After it's setup, with 1 character I would usually work it for 5 minutes per day once per day after work. This would allow me to have my sell orders on the market for most of the night and into the morning since the Euro competition had to go to sleep a few hours before me. This gives usually 12 to 16 hours of 'in front' time on the market.

Market wizardy! Just remember, you do NOT have to be the lowest priced in the region, or even the constellation, you just have to be the lowest in YOUR station. And if you can partner up with someone that sells all the tech 2 parts or just find a station that sells the most likely parts mission runners in empire will look at the hull, the good ones will see a bunch of parts in the station as well and buy from you, even if it's a few million above the others. The really good mission runners realize that spending even 5% to 10% more in a single station is worth it over spending 4+ HOURS getting all the parts at the lowest price all over 3 regions. They'll make that extra 30 mill back within 1 hour running missions before the other guy who's taking the next 4 hours to get it all.

4. Moving a basic researcher/basic industry guy onto your main account as an alt.
Time per week per toon: About 2 hours per month
Time from character creation to being useful: Instant
Demand for products: Low to Medium (depending on spot)
In-game items needed: BPC's, Low end BPO's and asteroid minerals.

This helps people that are a bit more 'constrained' in their RL cash flow. Buying a toon on the market forums and putting it into the 2nd or 3rd slot on your main account will save you money and give you a very lazy way to make some isk over time. You know that training anything besides your main on this account will most likely NEVER happen, however the slot is still useful if you buy the toon off the character bazaar. There are slots for research AND factory lines in the same station in empire. Usually however they have 2 day to 30 day queues sitting there. Using an alt on your main account is good for this, you login, dump 9 to 10 BPO's into research with anywhere from 30 to 40 day wait time and max out a few Ammo or Drone runs and come back in a few weeks to see how it's going.

The slots in those stations sometimes open up, most times not, but eventually your jobs will start and you can make money with it. Just don't expect miracles unless you want to go farther out or maybe join a smallish corp with an empire POS or something. This method, with some effort will make you a few hundred mill here and there, it's not great, but your main account should be JUST training your main. You can use the slot like the other 3 methods above, but many don't like to give away their income generating character to their corp/alliance/coaltion via API reads.

If this alt is sitting there without a corp with basic jobs in production no one will pay him any mind and the toon shouldn't be more then maybe a bill anyway. That bill will pay itself off after a year, with some basic efforts.

The drones and ammo are always needed, the research slots are just a bonus to use. If the spot you pick has invention spots you can invent once or twice per week without having to worry about a POS, it's not ideal, but this method works well for the ULTRA lazy that have an eye towards making isk everywhere they can using as many character slots as possible.

Before I get to 5 to 8, I want to put out there what I consider 'passive income' so people don't get confused. Passive Income to me is anything that takes around 7 hours or LESS per week, this might seem high to many of you, but not to me. Most of you can remember times when you've dumped in something like 20+ hours in a week just grinding on missions, belt ratting, anom running or whatever. An hour per day, especially since almost everyone is 'always' online these days doesn't seem like much to me. I will get into ACTIVE income in the next guide but for now I'll try to keep to the things that are low time investment per week, it might not be low ISK investment or knowledge investment, but it will be as low as possible on time.

5. BPC copying and selling -
This one covers an extremely wide range, from tech 1 crappy ammos and drones all the way up to Titans and Super carriers. There is always a need for BPC, with invention around the need for BPC's will never diminish. With war zones and sov being able to be flipped within a short period of time people would always much rather risk a BPC then a BPO for super caps, and a few piles of BPC's can even let people catch up on the items their built for in a pinch.

I'm not 100% sure about BPC 'stores' anymore, I ran my store but only made copies of battle cruisers and megathrons. Everything else I focused on BPO sales instead, however with invention BPCs can make you a decent pile as well. You just have to know what to setup and where and what NOT to do.

Everything from number 1 applies here, setup your tower, stront it, put guns on it, put ammo in them and stay away from high POS covered systems so you don't have to deal with constant war decs.

One thing you might want to consider are people following your trail back to the POS(s) you use. Anyone can click on a contract and see the character or corp that created it, with a few more clicks then can find the offices of that corp, it's HQ and what characters are in that corp. One locator agent later and you can have your POS's wardecced and face a ransom request. Avoid this by making a toon that has NEVER been in your corp, has a decent number of contract slots and dump them in a 1 man corp that is far far FAR away from where you have the POS(s).

After that it's pretty basic, an advanced lab will let you copy 3 jobs at 0.65 job time bonus while a normal lab only has 1 copy slot at .75 bonus. With skills this can get lower, and with some semi pricey implants even lower still.

What should I copy Ban? Whatever your wallet will allow.

BPO's can get expensive, extremely expensive, but to start out I'd try to avoid ammo and focus on the most popular modules. Guns are always in demand, drones are lost often in fights and tanking mods are always needed. With logi's you might want to find whatever tech 2 parts go on your alliance fits and try making copies for those as well.

Copying gets longer the better the item is, a few modules might take a few days, a ship can take a week or so, a carrier or dread about a month and a titan BPC is about 5 months for a SINGLE copy. You have to figure out what you want to do here. If you have no isk, well then modules are your route, if you have a decent amount of isk then cruisers and up to carriers might be good. If your sitting on a PILE of isk then debate a mothership or titan only if you won't go afk and let the lab get blown to bits on the tower. I do know of one guy who had a titan BPO in copy and 8 days before it came out the alt corp got war decced and the POS blown to bits. 5 months down the drain because he wasn't checking it every day just for 10 seconds to notice the war dec.

6. Forum 'shops' for special services
All manner of things you can't buy off contracts or the market fall into this niche market. Some of the most popular are standings 'push' characters that will join a character to your alt corp and move it's standings up so you can anchor a POS in empire. Chribba, everyone knows his services. Alliance creation services, instead of training up a character for a once yearly or maybe one time use you can hire someone for a reasonable fee and have them make it for you. Extreme hauling, Red frog has this all tied up but their a great example to use. Research services, where people allow trusted people to research specific BPO's they own for an hourly charge. And the list can go on a bit more, but you get the idea. Banks also follow this, but I think the community knows never to invest in a bank ever, ever, EVER again.

These services all rely on one thing, trust. If someone loses their trust then they lose their business, and most of the people running long term services are pretty decent people. Their not going to be multi trillionaires but they run decent services that get used often for things like super cap trades, empire surrenders of territory in exchange for time, or making alliance after alliance. Most of them usually simply charge a flat ISK fee and ask for nothing more then a few sentence review on their forum thread.

You CAN make a service like this, but the market can back fire on you AND you have to be reasonably able to handle everything from communication problems (trying to understand someone who uses your language as their 4th is a good example), to people talking you to death about their plans when you just want to get back to work ("oh let me tell you about how AWESOME my new alliance is going to be with 64 members spread across 17 corps!" is my favorite) to people that place MASSIVE orders with you and then never come to pick up their order or worse yet, pay for it (this lead me to taking 50% down on anything over 250 mill).

If you can deal with all of that, and people that are good alliance diplomats have a leg up here, then you can make some decent isk. However never ever tell anyone who your main is, in 8 years I never told anyone I ran with Banlish as my main despite having a really successful alt that a good portion of people knew. I feared and still do, that someone would grief the fuck out of my alt(s) if they knew that I controlled them, you should be the same.

7. Bulk trading, Whole sale!
If you have a PILE of isk, and don't want to do all this manufacturing, inventing, researching, moving and then stocking. Become a wholesale buyer, there are plenty of people that make tech 2, PI or tech 3 that would love to be able to offload ALL of their stock without ever setting foot in Jita or Amarr. Your margins might only be Jita -2%, but if you have a few hundred bill you can really 'play the field' and put tech 2 in smaller regional hubs, low sec jump off points, NPC 0.0 and your alliance systems. Then Jita -2% becomes quite profitable when you can pull down Jita +10% on the items and you ALSO don't have to set foot in Jita.

I know a few people that read this will have over 100 bill liquid ISK in their pockets, invest just 20% in this method and you can make some decent profits. Just remember, if you don't want to carry the stock you can just go to Jita/Amarr/Rens and put it on the market 2% under the other sell orders and usually move it pretty quickly.

(IMPORTANT SINCE IT'S OFTEN MISSED: When you buy in bulk you are buying at Jita SELL from the inventor/manufacture NOT 2% UNDER Jita BUY orders. They can haul it to Jita and sell to the buy orders themselves!) -A few people I've told this to over the years have misunderstood this and wasted a bunch of time. And unless the person your buying from is under a war dec they will consider 1% to 4% under Jita pretty reasonable.

A few suggestions to get a better deal with the inventors/manufactures.
A. Be reasonable and talk to them how you'd like to be talked to, it's another person over there a ounce of respect can lead to tons of isk for both of you.
B. Asking never hurts - if they offer you 2% off to buy a few stacks of tech 2, ask them what sort of percentage they'd give you off if you bought them out completely of everything they have in stock right now. One guy I bought from was always 2% off, when I offered to buy him out he gave me 5% since he was sitting on 44 billion and even with the lists couldn't move it all quickly.
C. Ask if you can get a better deal if you come to wherever he/she wants to pick up the items instead of in a major hub.
D. Try to make long term relationships/deals - there are still people in the game I can convo or eve mail, offer to buy and get a decent deal because we've dealt with each other for 5+ years. Being a badass is cool and all, and on your main you have an image to protect. But this ISN'T your main, this is your industry alt. Be nice, polite and make a TON of isk. On your main be a asshole PVP king of the world that everyone hates.

8. Become a buyer in your alliance/corp.
This one, can be tricky but can lead to great profits. First ask whoever you need to if it's okay, get permission and then go for it. You can put buy orders up for the most common loot that drops from the area your alliance or corp lives in. If it's on a corp level you can put up contracts to buy a few 2 million trit orders at a certain percentage with a few 1 mill units for those that are lazy. Then tell everyone you can about it, especially the ratters and miners.

This one I've kinda snuck in at times and never asked permission for any alliance I've been in. No one has cared and if the alliance your in DOES care their either extremely poor or shit. In every region there is a pretty easy to find loot table, find it or go ratting for a few hours and find out what it is. Then put up buy orders for those mods if there are none and put them in every station your alliance controls. You might get people competitive on a few items, usually the largest guns, but most everything else will be ignored unless you have a few mega industrialists.

Most ratters don't care about a few isk more if they bring a pile of loot to the station and they see more then a few hundred isk per unit. You might put up a buy order few 900,000 isk per gun, and the ratters are happy to sell to you, but in empire your reselling those guns for 1.5 mill each all day long in Jita and Amarr to buy orders.

Contracts are your friend here, if you get a good rep you can have ratters contracting entire PILES of loot to you for 0 isk and you pay them out at a decent rate. This can get quickly fucking insane and I don't recommend you do it outside of 2 or 3 people. I signed in once to 27 contracts all at 0 isk and EVE mails of 'buy me out soon, I need more stuffz!' I haven't done it since that because of the burn out. But established contracts or buy orders can be setup in a few hours and last weeks or a month at times. It's a good way to turn a few bill into 10+ bill over time with persistence.

9. Become a gas station -
Time per week per toon: About 2 to 4 hours per week, usually with just 1 toon maybe 1 alt.
Time from character creation to being useful: Varies typically 60 to 90 days.
Demand for products: Heavy to INSANE
In-game items needed: Neutral Freighter and alt to drive it, Huggin/Rapier and alt to fly it seperate from the freighter alt, a good deal of seed isk (around 4 to 6 billion worst case)

This one is something most alliances don't have or are one step from having. Every alliance in the game usually has a system or system(s) they jump off from to get to their home. There are a good dozen I can think of off the top of my head that piles of alliances use. These usually have a 0.5 or whatever next door to a station and then a low sec system with a NON kick out station either next door or a single jump after that. These systems are where the majority of your alliance mates will come to import/export items from the space you live in, usually keep a few 'extra' ships in (since it can't be taken) and be the way your alliance gets to empire.

The good thing about these places come from that 95% of your alliance will be lazy and use it, a few others will jump through and over it to a point deeper in empire if their really paranoid, but for the vast majority this is where they'll live. And of the 6 alliances I've been in (before TEST) not a single one of them stocks their low sec staging system well. 8 years and I see the same thing, over and over and OVER. The closest high sec systems will have MASSIVE piles of topes, usually at Jita +10% to Jita +15%, then in the low sec system itself there are almost no topes or topes at Jita +50% or worse. I'd always look at this and get angry, then I just said 'screw it' and started stocking it myself. Get yourself an alt or friend with a huginn or rapier, have it setup to TANK gate guns and then fit 2 webs with high range (20km ones).

Get yourself a freighter and when the low sec isn't hot as hell with hostiles or reds jump in and dual web the freighter at 25% speed. It will instantly warp to station and dock, since the station isn't a kick out (it better not be or your alliance picked VERY badly) you can go back and forth and stock the station with a few million of each tope. I recommend 3 mill gall topes, 2 mill each minmatar and amarr and 1 mill caldari (cause fuck caldari right ) and then put the price at Jita +10%.

You can put the price higher and constrain your market, but the worst thing that comes from a high price is competition. If you keep the price at Jita +10% I've found that most people won't even TRY to compete against you. And if you watch local and see how many neutrals are in station vrs in space you can usually stock the hell out of a low sec jump off point without anyone even knowing you've done it. I like right after DT and deep US west coast (around midnight their time) before the majority of Russians come online. At this point most are asleep or you can sneak in a few freighters worth very quickly with a good webber.

I supplied Atlas(mk1) for it's entire life in hothomo with topes at Jita +10%, very rarely did I ever have anyone competiting with me and after a few months I began supplying ally jump off points with topes. In 3 years I lost a single freighter using this method and I think I was pulling down a few billion per week profit even during peace times. The import/export guys loved me, the cap pilots called me a saint and the entire alliance and most allies had tons of cheap topes. It does require not AFKing frieghters around empire, but I'd just watch a movie on the second screen while moving things around. If you want to cut into your profits higher red frog, if you want to get REALLY lazy, have them bring the topes into low sec for you.

10. Renting out lab slots to your alliance -
Time per week per toon: About 1 to 2 hours per week, usually with just 1 toon.
Time from character creation to being useful: 7 days.
Demand for products: Light to Medium
In-game items needed: 1 large tower (typically Caldari large or Medium, or faction Caldari flavored towers, Gallente works, but the topes are too fucking expensive for this choice)

This one will depend on your alliance and the how it's run, if the alliance you live in is pvp ONLY and has no space this idea won't work. For everyone else it *might* work but you need to be a director/CEO in your corp and have some basic understandings of things that can horrendously back fire on you. With that said, lets begin.

Look anywhere in empire for ME slots, there are NONE!!!!! Ever, their all taken up and have a 2+ month queue usually. Now, with that said most alliances have a station if they live in 0.0, most have a few, average I think is 3 or 4. The good thing about these stations comes from the moons sitting around them, and no I don't mean moon minerals, I mean empty useless moons floating around a station. A decent moon can be used as well, but I'll keep that for suggestion 13. Anyway, when you do this you'll want to use stations in the following order from best to worst. Low sec jump off system with many stations, Gallente office, NPC conquerable, Caldari research, Minmatar refinery and Amarr Factory. I wouldn't EVER recommend using the Amarr factory since it only has 4 office slots, but sometimes it can work.

You can do this in an alt corp, or your main corp if it's worked out that you can use a wallet for access to set this up. You setup the tower with basic intelligence (stront, ammo in the guns, etc etc) then you put labs on it and set the costs to whatever the market will bare. Since most won't know WHAT to set it at I try to go for between 25,000 isk per hour and 100,000 isk per hour, depending on demand. I put a large Caldari tower up with a reactor and some silos, had enough space to put 6 labs on it so I opened them up to corp members at 25,000 isk per hour per slot. They got ME and PE research and the corp recouped some fuel costs.

You can take it a step further and put no items on it besides maybe a paint of scrams which I think won't cut into the CPU needed for the labs and drop 15 labs on it. You can setup standings so other corps can use them, just make sure the carebears in your alliance know it's there and ready to go and all they need is a corp office to be able to use it along with a basic setup corp role with an empty wallet everyone has access to.

The way it works is this. You have the tower and have standings set so +10 corps can access the lab and use it, there are enough offices in the station so the majority of your alliance is in this station. The person in turn who wants to use it has a corp office there AND roles to be able to make research jobs IN SPACE and an empty wallet (say wallet 7) access. In return you setup the lab to take from the users corp (it will take from their ACTIVE corp wallet if setup right) and deposit in the wallet you set (say wallet 2). So they put the isk they want to use in wallet 7, and it disappears into wallet 2 of your corp. In return the job is started at whatever isk per hour and an install cost. ((YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO A CORP HANGER TO PUT THE BPO INTO TO BE ABLE TO INSTALL THE BPO IN THE LAB YOUR RENTING))
You cannot rent out invention or copy slots, only ME and PE slots can be rented out.

You can fuck around with people this way by taking down the tower and keeping the isk but since the blue print is (and HAS TO BE) started from their corp hanger you can't snag their BPO. If you don't trust the corp doing this, just don't do it. Use your own corp or setup something in empire.

As a landlord doing this, you can make some pretty decent isk since many alliances have a need for research services. If you fit 15 labs, all normal, that's 15 x 6 slots you can rent out, or 90 slots. At 25,000 per hour and no install cost that's 2,250,000 million per hour, 54 mill per day and 1.62 bill per month. IF you get full rental. Lets say you only get a THIRD for a bad scenerio, so 550 mill. If the number of 20 mill per day or 600 mill per month is right you will lose 50 mill per month on this tower. HOWEVER!!!! and there is a however, you will also have access to the invention and copy slots, which you could rent out to your own corp or make use of yourself which could cover the last 50 mill you would be 'losing'.

If you got above 33% rented out slots for just ME and PE slots, you will make a profit on this tower and provide a service to your alliance and corp most really want to have access to. You also give yourself a GIANT play ground to invent in with 5 invention slots per lab. With 15 labs you have 75 slots, or 7 and half characters worth to invent with 24/7.

11. Compressor! -
Time per week per toon: About 1 to 2 hours per week
Time from character creation to being useful: 30+ days.
Demand for products: Light to Medium
In-game items needed: BPO's to compress with ME30 and PE above 5, minerals to compress and the ability to move the tech 1 items into your low sec staging for moving. This one isn't as detailed as the one above, but what would be after that monster? Anyway you can make decent isk compressing minerals and other items and bringing them into your alliances space. Just look around or ask around and you can find the basic items to compress minerals with, if your alliance has a 40% refinery and higher then 5% tax I don't think I'd do it however. If the people making capitals or super capitals will help you get the tax back or do a few 'tax holidays' where they make tax 0% for a few minutes for the compressor people, then it can be viable.

The other thing besides compressing minerals into 425 rails, steel armor plates or various torpedos that I've never seen ANYWHERE are scan probes. Yes, good old scan probes people use to scan down sites are 1m3 each, yet have 3 stront in them for a 9 to 1 ratio. Most alliances need stront in DROVES and with this you can move a metric TON in a JF or carrier with some itty 3's and a expanded and rigged skiff. I haven't told anyone about this little 'gem' I found almost 3 years ago, but it works really well to move a few million units of stront if you can prepare and then scrap metal process at a high level with a low tax.

The minerals in the normal tech 1 items are always in demand in 0.0, especially trit, pyer and mex. Anything you bring along that you don't need, like excess isogen or high ends, just throw back into the JF or carrier corp hanger array and bring back to empire for the next batch. You need an alliance that isn't super greedy with it's taxes or the tax holiday, if not you'll be lining their pockets off a heavy station tax and get almost nothing.

If their not greedy or the need for minerals is high enough to swallow the high tax then go for it, build some items, bring them out in a JF or even on a carrier if you can make it work with the dual itty 3's and skiff (remember ammo CAN go in a ship in the corp maintenance array), with that in mind, you have to research if your alliance will be good for this choice.

12. Pubbie assistance
Time per week per toon: About 1 to 2 hours per week.
Time from character creation to being useful: 11 days.
Demand for products: Medium to Heavy
In-game items needed: Toon with as many buy/sell slots as possible with high accounting and broker relations, seed isk of around 1 bill to the sky is the limit.

This one is basically you providing what every mission runner and miner loves, a person to sell to! You go to various stations anywhere in empire you feel comfortable (NOT A MAJOR HUB REGION) and place buy orders for minerals, salvage, rat loot and trade goods you know drop from missions. You give reasonable prices like Jita -25% (note that's 25% BELOW jita) and let it sit in a decent level 4 mission running system, others do this all the time and if you give a good price you might sign on and see a few hundred million worth of loot to go melt down to a huge pile of minerals worth a billion.

Miners love you too, even go so far as to place ore buying orders (remember there are 3 types of ore for every class of ore in a system) and put it very close to the market since many industrialists love doing this. I personally got a toon to perfect refines with no tax and put in buy orders for minerals at 98% of the minerals in them, it took a good long while for people to figure out that trick and it can net some good isk. If you can do it in the stations with 50% refineries and 0% tax you can make a ton just buy buying, refining and relisting.

For some tech 1 items or variations like 'Scout' items you can sometimes even make more then the item is worth in minerals by moving them to Jita for a sale. Inventors love stacks of meta lvl 2 to 4 items, profit from that need! You will be playing against 0.01 isk warriors in many of these stations to be aware of that.

13. Moon man(or woman?)
Time per week per toon: About 4 to 5 hours per week.
Time from character creation to being useful: 21 days.
Demand for products: Medium to Heavy
In-game items needed: POS kit with reactor, silos, reactor 'print' for react-able product to be created, industrial to move it to station and way to get it back to empire, seed isk is around 1 bill to 4 bill depending.
This one I get very, very VERY worried about, but I'm including anyway. You need POS setup roles in your corp and the ablity to not have the stuff stolen out of your silos. The tower needs to be setup in a way that it won't be nuked into the ground (so yes, stront, fuel for a little while, guns and AMMO in them) then you simply react moon mins into a higher product and sell it either to people in the alliance, or move it back to empire and sell it in a hub. Ideally you'd be making tech 2 items from it via invention but that's another long ass and ACTIVE way of making isk.
I highly and do mean HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of any moon mineral in the station system you decide to do this in. Please keep in mind that minmatar refineries and Gallente office outposts are NOT kick outs, so if your using a freighter to do this those are the types of stations you want to use, All NPC conquerables aren't kick outs either so they work as well. Some of the most basic moon materials are in high demand, just ask around your alliance and see what's needed. Advertise it on your forums and then, if no one offers to buy it at Jita sell, then you can move it to empire to sell off. You can do this in your low sec staging system as well, but it's risky.
This link shows you the basics of moon reacting and all that, but the first four: Sulfuric Acid, Silcon Diborite, Ceramic Powder and Carbon Polymers require the most COMMON moons and no alliance usually has a problem with you using those resources. If they do ask you to move it's because you have those AND some good metal in the moon like Platinum or whatever. If you can find a moon that produces everything for one of those four reactions and just have them go from the silos to the basic reactor and empty out into 2 silos in a chain then your golden. This idea couples very well with the lab idea from number 10.

If you can line up a buyer and/or transport of the item back to empire or wherever it needs to go you can find out if the operation will be profitable. Also make sure it's in a corp you can trust, I do remember some guy who was reacting dyspo and prom reactions in a corp he'd only been in for a few months and one day he wakes up, is kicked from the corp and they kept the 6 billion worth of moon goo he had. Don't let it happen to you!

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Active income generation methods and practices

This guide is going to be long and the first entry is on mining, one of THE most used income streams for carebears, I fully recommend you SKIP it if you don't want to read about making isk via mining. These guides are NOT meant to be short or for people with ADHD, don't like this stuff, Just skip it. You HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Some of the most used and common ways of making isk in EVE come from pouring time into the game, and in return for time you get an isk per hour ratio. This can be as low as 10 mill per hour, to as high as unlimited isk per hour, however unlimited isk usually isn't possible for more then a few hours or even days. Think of it like walking down a balance beam, if you walk slowly anyone can pretty much get to the other side, however if you do it faster you get more isk. Eventually people are running down the beam trying to make more money and suddenly someone slips and falls off, usually in a pretty spectacular way causing injury to themselves and a good laugh from the more jaded of us in the crowd.

Income making in EVE follows a very similar method, depending on fast you are willing to go usually means you are willing to take on more risk. And if you mess up, you will pay for it, either in lost time, lost items or even lost ships.

1. Mining
Time per week per toon: As much as possible, usually for 3 to 5 hours each time.
Time from Character creation to being useful: About 60 days.
Demand for products: Ultra Heavy to UNLIMITED.
Upside: Multiple accounts means more isk
Downside: Easily disrupted and more accounts means more cash or isk out of pocket per month
In-game items needed: Exhumer of choice, hauler of choice, tank for belt rats(optional), Mining bonus boosting orca or rorqual, safe POS if in lowsec/null, bubbles on gate(s).

Mining is the most basic and easy activity to do, usually and not counting hulkageddon which I'll explain later. Every single item in EVE needs asteroid minerals in some part of it. Tech 1 to tech 3, invention, ammos and ships. It's actually easier to find items that don't need asteroid minerals than those that do. And because of it everyone needs them for pretty much everything they want to build in the game and make money on, and because of that you can make a decent profit.

In game history of mining
The upside to mining is that if you have enough money to get a few accounts you can make 100 mill to 250 mill per hour with 4 hulks mining some decent ores, and if your alliance doesn't have decent ores you can switch to ice blocks and make a semi decent profit there. The downside however is that you have to have a ton of accounts, keep track of them all, move them all and do all the extra work. This down side is what has stopped most people from mining the last years, up until the drone region nerf (the drone region nerf was when the rats there stopped dropping mineral compounds instead of isk bounties) people would 'mine with guns' this was very easy compared to the normal method of setting up anywhere from 2 to 6 toons typically, and trying to make almost the same isk per hour.

The end result became that no one mined, pretty much anywhere in the game. The stream of minerals was so high from the drone lands that we saw mineral prices drop from a high of megacycte at 5,000 and Zydrine at 4,000 to Megacycte at 1,600 and Zydrine touching 750. Basically the market was flooded with minerals and not enough people building to need them, so the price stayed low and the markets were over saturated. However CCP saw the problem with this, their economist having access to all this data I bet had a major effect on it, and they changed compound drops to isk drops instead. So now the drone regions make isk for the renters and a major source of minerals into the market stopped. At the same exact time they also nerfed item drops from rats so mission runners didn't continue to flood the market with minerals as well.

These two nerfs were buffs to the mining profession, but CCP wasn't done there, a pile of bans went out over the months leading up to this patch and apparently continued afterwards, where accounts caught online for 18+ hours per day were 'watched' and banned as quick as they could. It seemed, that after years of people begging for the price of minerals not to be flattened by the drone regions CCP not only listened, but wanted to make up for lost time. Add into that a pile of people that were speculating and buying up billions and billions of minerals and it became almost foolish to NOT mine during this time. People making 75 to 100 mill per hour mining empire ores were reported for the weeks after the patch, and like a sleepy giant the player base shook off the dust and cobwebs, resubbed a ton of mining toons and began to get to work. The minerals have again begun to flow, industrialists have adjusted to the new prices and are producing still. Some people have cried that the prices of items have gone up to much, but there are tons of ways to make isk to offset it. When I took my recent break from EVE a tier 2 BS (megathron or Apoc) cost about 80 to 90 mill, now 145 to 160 mill is not only common, but expected as the new price. This is GREAT news for miners!

What guide to mining would be complete without referencing this event, or at the very least warning the people that might use this guide about it. In it's current form the Goonswarm Federation (Goons) have put out a bounty, claimable by anyone in the game for legit killmails on hulks in empire. This is two part, it helps them keep the price of techinium up, and the 'pubbie' tears are harvested in droves. Before anyone gets all high and mighty, and then claims 'This is B.S.!' you have to remember that EVE itself is not a safe place, it was never designed to be. And in empire, while you might feel safe you never are. The Goons have taken this to a new level and are nuking every hulk they can, this shouldn't be seen as a BAD thing, it should be seen as an opportunity to make a TON of isk.

How to make a ton of cash in mining, with a few simple choices
First off, if you are going to mine in empire you have to ask yourself 'why am I mining in empire compared to 0.0?' The typical answer I get from most people comes in the forms of security, risk, ease and profitability.

Assumption -Security - It is much safer to mine in empire, I have concord there to protect me and I can just dock up if a war dec hits my corp.
Fact - With Hulkageddon running and the changes to wardeccing it's never been a worse time to mine in empire, if you get into anything over a hulk you are risking losing it and a large chunk of change.

Assumption - Risk - There is almost no risk in empire, I can mine semi afk and not worry about anything.
Fact - War decs are changing, and suicide ganking is becoming so common that anyone with a simple google search can figure out how to ruin your day.

Assumption - Ease - I have trade hubs nearby, I can sell my ore easily and get replacement ships and modules.
Fact - The same things exist in most 0.0 alliances, you might have to pay a 10% premium but you can make that 10% premium back on mineral you sell, usually you can sell minerals much higher then 25% and get away with it. Most alliances with an outpost or two also have a few importing traders that can get you anything you want simply for paying for an m3 charge to have it jumped out.

Assumption - Profitability - I can make more money in empire then 0.0 because I can mine 23/7/365 and sell everything right in the system I mine it in.
Fact - Mining in 0.0 usually is just as easy if not easier then empire, Rorquals in 0.0 provide better mining bonuses then Orcas and there are many ores in null that can make even spot mining for 20 minutes worth hours of mining in empire.

Types of mining

Spot mining - Spot BELT mining comes into play when your alliance space is either small or heavily roamed, heavy roamers love blowing up barges and ruining your day. However with spot mining you can make a decent income by mining very large rocks and getting the hell back to the POS shield before a gang comes through. This one requires good intel channels or scouts a few jumps out, it can be used very well on travel paths and people that rat in low security systems a few systems down the chain are great to 'tip' to give you a heads up when a fast gang or solo ganker is roaming around. The main reason to do this comes from the fact that almost everyone says 'fuck travel path mining' and for the most part they are right. However if the best systems of your alliance are stripped out or afk cloaky camped then this can be a quick way to make a few hundred mill by being attentive. I recommend a drake tanker that you can lose in the belt easily without having to worry about it, losing a drake after all is much better then losing a 500 mill+ hulk or hulks. The boosting rorqual should be back in a POS, better if it's your own personal POS so spies can't bump it out. And have all hulks aligned to a safe or back to the POS for a quick fleet warp out. For picking up your ore, I recommend either a second rorqual way below the belt with capital tractors and he BETTER be aligned back to the POS before he does anything at all, use the book mark for the POS then when he's aligned full and up to 50% speed ctrl spacebar to cancel the warp, if your within 100km of your hulks you can remain at 75% speed (just set your speed by clicking on your dial) and if a hostile is reported warp out immediately. REMEMBER no can of ore is worth a single hulk or rorqual, if a hostile is reported even 2 jumps away just fleet warp the entire gang into the POS. If a hostile comes in system and stays for more then a few seconds, just log off any hulk that was NOT aggro'ed, it's better to do this before they jump in but beggars can't be choosers.

Bubble camp mining - Bubble camp mining is simply bubbling up the gates to your system like CRAZY, maybe with 3 to 5 large bubbles each and then mining to your hearts content, if a hostile comes in system, get safe and log off. It might not be the most honorable solution but this is 0.0, your not going for honor, you want the hostiles to get out and you get back to mining. Never talk smack in local to roamers, it's like fuel to them and they will setup a camp in your system simply to troll you more or leave behind an AFK cloaker that will ruin your day. Either way, just get back to POS and log, wait a few minutes and come back on. If you have good scouts the hostiles usually won't even come into your pile of bubbles and will go to a less time consuming activity then shooting a bunch of bubbles. BUBBLES SAVE HULKS, INVEST IN THEM AND DO NOT WORRY WHEN THEY DIE. Anom mining - Upgrading a system to Industry level 4 is a great way to have spawnable belts that have to be scanned down by a prober to be able to mine, they are a miners dream and when hostiles come in system if you are watching your scanner with probes on overview, you won't even have to get to a POS most of the time. If you see the probes come out, get the fleet back to the POS and sit there or logoff. There are a few bad things about anom mining, with the way EVE is setup anyone can check industry levels with an API read from the game, if anyone sees Industry 5 they usually will send a few cloaky ships to shut the system down and try to get a few cheap kills. Why? Because it takes a tremendous amount of mining to get to level 5 and it's almost assured to get them a hulk kill if they wait around long enough, for this reason just upgrade your system to level 4 and be happy with that, anything more is just asking for 'l33t cloaking pvpers' to shut the entire system down. CCP still hasn't figured out that AFK cloaking is one of the most risk free ways to shut down an entire system that dozens if not a few hundred people have invested in and requires a ton of work to shut down while the cloaker just has to log in, press F1 and go to work for the entire day. It might be fixed, but I'm predicting 2019 for this fix since miners have been asking for it since 2003.Belt mining - Just as it sounds, belt mining is taking advantage of the belts in a decent security system in the space your alliance owns, usually systems NOT on travel paths and mining for a few hours with full bonuses and a few friends. There are many good systems in EVE that have access to the best ores, for reference those ores are Arkonor, Bistot, Crokite and Mercoxit. With Anom mining becoming so popular many belts are simply ignored since hostiles can warp right to them, with a eye on local and intel channels you can mine out tons more ore then anoms and you don't have to scan down the belts either. A note on belts, the roids do NOT move ever, even if you mine the entire belt out the roids will respawn in the same exact places each time. A good trick if your going to live in a system for a long time is to get to a belt on Monday after DT or Friday after DT and book mark all the best positions to get at the most roids with the least movement. I use a ceptor for this since I can move sometimes as fast as 10k p/s and with ores on my overview I can setup a decent amount of bookmarks. The problem with this is coming up with a naming system, I simply use Planet number, Belt number and then A through Z. So Planet 2, belt 5, third position with Ark Bistot and Mercoxit becomes P2B53ABM. It can get a tad confusing at times with 20+ belts, and 30+ roids in each belt but feel free to come up with whatever system you like and transfer the bookmarks among your alts, with proper prep you can strip mine entire systems in as little as a day or two and make 2 to 10 billion each week depending on the amount of characters and bonuses.

Cherry picking - This is a quick way to piss people off, but I'm noting it in for completeness. For belt mining cherry picking is fine, most people don't mine low end or medium ores in belts with ABCM available, however Anoms require you to mine out the ENTIRE anom before a new one will spawn. And that means all that crappy Spodumain and Omber has to be mined up by someone or it takes 3 days from spawning of the site before it despawns and another site takes it's place. Some people like the security of an Anom and they don't want to mine everything so a new site spawns, so they scan down a site and mine only the top 4 ores. After that they move onto the next site and repeat until the 4 or 5 sites in system are skunked until 3 days have passed or someone else has mined the lower grade stuff and spawned a new site. Most miners get very angry at this activity, they figure if there are belts with the same ores and all you want to do is mine them then leave the anoms alone. I've seen entire flamefest forum wars and people getting super serious angry over it, personally I'd rather get a bunch of corpies or alliance mates together and strip mine a few anoms and pay everyone out then Cherry pick, but it's an option if your alliance doesn't have many miners.

Ninja Mining - This one isn't really done much anymore, but it is possible. Basically you get a few friends together on coms, and jump into a system that has decent ore but isn't used much by the holders in the area. It's not uncommon for some alliances to hold too much space and not use it all, and semi decent security systems, say -0.40 to -0.74 are often ignored if there isn't a station nearby and there is better security located closer by to an alliances holdings. Note, I'm not sure if this is still the case but anchoring a tower in a sov system I believe still reports to the holding corp what just happened and if someone is paying attention you can quickly have a pile of defenders all over your little operation and make nothing.
However with that said you can get a few rorquals (2 is usually best) a few carriers and a few people in fast ships. Then you jump into a decent system, put down a small POS WITH STRONT DAMMIT, and setup a quick mining op in the belts with scouts nearby or bubbles in place. If anyone comes wandering down to your area either log or pretend your a gate camp with people in fast ships. If no one comes by for a while, it is quite possible to strip mine a few belts of ABC, compress it the entire time with the rorqual giving bonuses and then pack the entire operation up and leave the area. I wouldn't use the same system time after time, but if something is working there isn't much reason not to repeat it if you aren't spotted. Remember both rorquals can carry stront in their cargo bays and holds, a small POS and 1 or 2 corp hangers isn't very expensive and both rorquals can carry the hulks and industrials you'll require. The carrier(s) can bring in tanking ships and combat ships like ceptors and bombers if you want to make it appear to have a gate camp.

This kind of mining is EXTREMELY risky at times and you should only do it if you know the game pretty decently, plus with the swarms of renters in the game paying for even the most shit systems it is very possible that anywhere even remotely good is closed to this type of mining anymore. I last tried it in 2010 and was lucky enough to snag 2 full rorquals worth of ABC from F69O the local renters were botting pretty hard and whenever I came in system they would log off, every hour one would log on and right back off again so I setup shop and started mining. There are only 3 belts there so it wasn't a ton of ore but every Sunday and Tuesday I would log on, move everything there and try it solo. This worked fine until my computer no longer would let me run 4 clients. There are more then a few spots in the drone regions now with no sov and decent ore, and if you are very worried you can have an alt cloaked up with a recon or a cyno in an empty system for an emergency cyno. It is a ton of work and the rewards aren't really that good anymore, but you can make a decent amount if you know what your doing and if you get in trouble you just dump everything into the rorquals and carriers and jump them out before a big response hits system. If they nuke your small tower, who cares it's a small tower.

Scan mining - This one works well all over null, low sec and even empire, with the right scanning skills you can enter a system, see a bunch of sigs and find ore and gas sites pretty easily. Both are needed and in low sec and empire you can find sites with Dark Ochere and Gnesis in even 0.5 systems. It's not a gold mine, but it is maybe a copper or silver mine. You can mine with an orca and as long as you don't see a bunch of probes on scanner you can mine out an entire site over a few days. In low sec, most people keep moving if they see a bunch of people in local so you can usually find a good site and mine like crazy, without too much interruption. You can even find ores that aren't normally listed in the game that refine into rare minerals, it's not very common but it does exist.Mission mining - I'm not 100% sure this one works anymore, however you used to be able to run 7/10s up to 10/10's with a high chance that there would be a final pocket with a ton of ores in it. And if you left a tower or single rat left alive with one member of your gang still in the pocket you could bring in the mining fleet and strip mine it. During my time in Stain I had brought my mining fleet but everyone told me I was crazy, we ran a 10/10 and in the last pocket we found a site with 40+ Ark roids, most with 2,500 units each in them. Since a 10/10 is so hard to scan down without the bookmark I was able to mine in absolute peace, the last cruise missile tower firing against the rorqual time and time again yet doing no damage I couldn't regen with a single run of the capital shield repper. That site yielded over 100,000 units of Ark and made me a decent amount of isk, it was unexpected and it took me about 3 hours to clear with the various annoyances of the site and system. CCP's latest patches might have shut down this option but it does exist and a little looking could most likely find out if it's still possible or not.Ice mining - This one is probably the most boring in existence, yet with a good rorqual giving bonuses (and a mind link) you can usually get around 60+ blocks per hour per mackinaw. With maxed out macks and exhumers lvl 5 you can get I believe almost 72 blocks per hour per hulk. Most low security systems in null and even some in low sec are ignored even if they have an ice belt, but any system with -0.45 to -0.01 can have dark glitter in it, and every block of dark glitter gives 1,000 ozone, 500 heavy water and 75 stront. With todays prices that's not a bad payout, if you use the POS refinery with a 200,000m3 bay you will get 100% return, let me say that again the POS refinery gives a 100% return on ice blocks. No tax and no loss.

The down side comes from people using this method to avoid alliance taxes, I full support giving a cut of 5% to 10% to your alliance executor corp if it's a problem, most won't give a crap if your mining in some low security system in the ass end of your alliances empire. People making fuel blocks will love you as LO and HW are in high demand, people using stront for probes or alliance dreads will also like a local supply. Towers in alliance space will also need stront, so there's always a need. This mining is quite literally the MOST boring of all mining, I highly recommend doing it with a large group of people and talking about anything else BUT the mining while doing it. I frequently did it with a movie or TV series on the second monitor and even then I could only stand it for a few hours without someone else to chat with. The products sold out pretty quickly and anything extra I just contracted to move to our low sec staging by our empty JF or Rorqual pilots with 100,000m3 or 300,000m3 contracts.

Strip mining - Strip mining works best when your alliance has access to a factory outpost of some kind or if you have a very resourceful builder with a POS with factory lines on it. Without a refinery station however this entire thing doesn't work, 75% loss to a POS refinery on ore is a horrible loss and a rorqual with compression BPO's is a really good way to get past the distance of having a refinery 10+ jumps away in 0.0. In strip mining you mine out entire belts, focusing on whatever is closest compared to the best ores, industrialists need any and all minerals in 0.0, and if your alliance is trying to build capitals of any kind they will buy everything you can mine easily. I once mined with 4 hulks for 25 hours a week for a total of 100 hours in a month, mostly to see if I could keep that sort of pace, at the end I had strip mined an entire constellation of ore over the month. I pulled in just under 11.6 billion, but everything I mined was bought up by a local industry guy who was pumping out carriers/dreads every week and he bought me out at Jita +5% to boot.
This kind of mining is exactly why I tell every single empire miner I meet to get out to 0.0 and try it out, you get all the ores you can get in empire and all the rare ones. Yeah you have to watch your back but even mining with a covetor is better then mining in empire in my mind. You can make much more in much shorter periods of time mining in 0.0 and the best part is, if you are used to mining in empire even a 0.01 system is like a gold mine to you. It has all the ores your used to and they are in quanities of 100,000 plus for veld, sometimes 300,000 size veld roids are out there since they've never been minded. Mine enough and you can get some spawnable anoms for mining and get access to the rarer stuff, the biggest point is just TRY it. I know many people that have never once gone out to 0.0 and yet have been blown to bits by hulkageddon and I can only assume they do so because they have no idea how.

Try the recruitment forums, the recruitment channels or better yet ask around for anyone that knows a decent 0.0 alliance to give you a fair shake. If you still don't or can't find anyone decent I know a few corps willing to take recruits but please don't expect an answer right away, I get swarmed by mails when I login and would prefer not to be. But if it helps get some people out of empire and shows you that 0.0 isn't that bad, then I'll give it a shot. BIG GIANT HOWEVER here, if you aren't willing to learn pvp of some sort, even getting into a rifter or drake and dying a few times for whatever alliance or corp you end up in, then I really wouldn't recommend it unless you want to be in a corp that puts mining quotas on you.

Also be aware of scammers that will try to get you to join their corp and have you contract all your stuff to them and instead not allow you in, I'm not really against scamming or for it, I am however against the idea of anyone who reads these SUPER long guides of mine getting screwed out of ISK. As such, I usually recommend that you be very cautious with whoever you contract your stuff to, and if you can, put the collateral at the Jita price of what you are trying to move. Some people can't move items without them being assembled and not on contract, examples are battleships, hulks and such. However for items such as those I recommend you just ask if there are hulks and gear out there you can buy at Jita +5% to +15% and join that way, then you don't have to worry about your stuff being stolen and if they give you the boot you can just put your items on contract and sell them that way.

Empire mining - I don't recommend this while hulkageddon is ongoing, however covetor mining, retriever mining, ferox mining and others are still viable. The biggest thing I've noticed is that area's very far out there or with very few jumps per day are great area's for people to still mine in, systems without stations are also great for mining with friends if you have enough people hauling or standings to put a POS in empire. Remember a single toon with standings can be in a solo corp, anchor the POS and you can have them sit next to the corp hanger array and transfer all the ore into the corp hanger and then move it later with a freighter. Mining ice in empire is still big while the wars are going on, the sheer number of caps jumping everywhere is keeping demand for isotopes to fuel them very high. Every single type of tope is in demand with the tens of thousands of POS's running every day and chomping down on fuel blocks.

Wormhole mining - This one is safe(ish) compared to empire mining at the moment, however if you don't keep your scanner running every 10 seconds you seriously risk the chance of being blown to bits. If you have a good guy on scanning you can clear a wormhole mining site and it will not respawn rats again till after DT, this might have changed, please check before you do this in a wormhole. However the problem you WILL run into in wormholes comes from the fact that you can't easily get your ore out without tons of scanning to find wormholes to empire. Compressing is a necessity and many people tell me that running a 75% refinery is the best option, this reminds me of the time in 0.0 before outposts were introduced into the game and compression didn't exist yet. People were running POS refineries all over the place and just taking the 25% loss, this option might be perfectly fine in wormholes and orca's of high ends coming into empire via scanned wormholes are pretty common. Compressed ore in high quantities might also be common but I'm not sure, only ABCM would be worth it and even then I'm not sure as I've never personally lived in a wormhole.

Gas mining - There are gas sites in some 0.0 regions and gas clouds spawn randomly in null and wormholes. They however do have one downside, exhumers aren't useful in them. There are no gas strip miners and only 5 turret cruisers or bc's are used to mine them (you can't train gas mining past lvl 5 after all) so you are limited by the number of characters that can mine it multiplied by the number of lasers you can use per 1 minute cycle time. Mining drones also don't work on gas sites so you can only use lasers, the gas from sites is used in tech 3 construction, and booster(drug) production and I think that's all at the moment but I might be wrong as I've never mined gas. I have bought people out that mine it, and built it in an alliance gallente office outpost in the 10 booster slot production slots. But after taking something like 4 months to sell my stock out I never did it again, boosters have been buffed since then so it might be worth looking into.

Tips and tricks -
A. Industrials with giant secure containers in them will make it so you can haul over 50,000m3 in a single itty 5, however with Orcas these days there's almost no point in doing so. B. Mining drones are best used on the CLOSEST ores not the farthest away ones, they also have a capacity per trip back to your ship and amazingly enough the high end ores of ABC give the most return.
C. Rorqual Compression prints can be researched with PE, this can reduce the time it takes to compress a load dramatically over the course of an op research your prints AND buy 4x of every single print so you never have an empty slot since you will be burning heavy water every 5 minutes anyway.
D. Cans make great ways to keep your corporate hanger array on orcas, rorquals and carriers seperate and clean. There are cans as small as 100m3, which provide 120m3 of space, if you have all the ore and ice prints you are looking at over 100+ prints worth, keep them in a small can and move them into your cargo to get the prints you need out.
E. Mining crystals are bulky as hell a GSC (giant secure container) can be carried around pretty easily and ejected and anchored next to the hulk. If a hostile gang comes into the system just leave it password protected and LEAVE it. Even a gang of 20+ people can take 20 minute or more to kill a GSC. They can only be carried in your rorquals cargo bay so label them with a number that matches the alt your using so you know who's can is who's.
F. POS's - are tools, treat them as such, a few corp hangers a medium tower and some stront can turn a really crappy system into a decent system. After a few hours of mining the entire setup is paid off and basically 'free' at that point. Don't be afraid to use them and lose them in the pursuit of profit.
G. Mercoxit - with the drone regions being nerfed the supply of Morphite is slowly winding down, consider mining some and either sitting on it for a bit or using it in invention if you do that yourself.
H. Strip miner I's - if you are running more then 4 hulks at a time just switch to SM1's and forget trying to keep crystals stocked, it's easier and you can mine anything you want without having to worry about getting crystals to the right character.
I. Ice - if you are going crazy or if your machine(s) can run 10+ hulks at once, just mine ice and hopefully do it in a system with at the very least a station so you can refine it in a POS or better yet instantly at a refinery outpost and put it all up on the market for Jita+10%. Ice blocks have 5000+ units and I've NEVER seen anyone mine out a single block let alone an ice belt, you don't have to move ever and can mine until hostiles appear.
J. Partnership - you can mine solo but find an industrialist that will buy your stuff, even ones in empire will gladly buy the high end minerals you export in return for decent prices, often instantly.
K. Systems with crappy true sec and many belts can be a gold mine if you know what you're doing. Don't ignore them if you have 3+ hulk toons and a rorqual.
L. Multitoon expenses - remember PLEX's can be purchased from your profits, yes it might take a few months to get to this point but once it's rolling even as little as 10 hours a month with all your toons can usually pay for all the plex's for them. If you buy the minerals from yourself and build them into something you can make money on the minerals as well as the final product as well as avoid transport costs, debate it.
M. Implants - +5% mining implants aren't too expensive and will give a good and quick return if bought in Jita. Refining implants DO exist for 1,3,5% bonus to refinery usage, make sure whatever character you have that refines in the outpost or refinery is using them before you press that button, a single 3% refining implant which costs I think 30 million isk can give PERFECT refines in a 40% outpost refinery with absolutely 0% lost. Don't be a moron and compress all your ore and jump it to empire when the refineries your alliance owns are good enough.
O. Use the correct tool for the job - Hulks, macks and skiffs all have their own uses, don't be afraid to buy the right tool for the job. The start up costs are usually bad, but once you get going you can make billions per month.
P. Back up supplies - don't be caught with your pants down, after you are rolling in cash, buy extra hulks, mining gear, fuel, POS stuff, implants and anything else needed to make your life easier and put it all into your low sec staging NPC station. If you get nuked because of lag, an accident or a really talented pilot there is nothing worse then either not having enough isk to replace your gear OR having an empire war dec which makes it even worse. Back ups are never a bad thing to have and they don't have to be bought all at once, even a single Hulk or some mining lasers don't hurt to be stocked incase something happens.
Q. Make friends - friends are never a bad thing to have in an alliance, go into systems next door to where you are and 'o/' in local if it's all friendlies, if you see someone ratting like crazy strike up a friendship, if their ratting like mad in a golem or whatever ask them to be in a convo with you during their ratting and for every hostile they report kick em a few mill. Even 2 mill per report can make even the most jaded ratter want to keep you updated, after a while they might start reporting in intel channels and everyone benefits. And hey, if you get a few extra seconds to move your entire mining fleet into the POS shield that 2 mill might have just saved you a few billion in hulks.
R. Renting - there isn't a shame in renting if you know what your doing AND can easily make your expenses back. If the corp you join in 0.0 is renting their not bad people, they might just not know how to get going the right way, might be new to the game or might just not want to fly pvp ships. I wouldn't recommend joining a renter corp over a pvp corp, but for getting your feet wet it isn't a bad option.
S. Intel channels - find out what they are for the local region and keep an eye on them, if they blink, click it right away and find out where the hostile gang is. If there are 10+ of them if they get within a few jumps, safe up in the POS you put down and log off a few toons so they don't see a PILE of hulks on scanner when they enter system.
T. Dipping your toe in - you don't have to join every single toon to a corp when you join it if you are worried about them, try a pvp alt or a single miner if their cool with that, don't mention your other toons either. Just join up, and go on all the ops you can, you might meet some really cool people. When you feel comfortable with them ask to bring in some or all of your other toons. A few weeks will usually be all you need, at the very most a month.
U. Characters are not in concrete - you can buy and sell characters with ONLY isk if you know how. I believe 2 plex are all is needed to pay the transfer fee on a toon, so you can interchange charaters around very easily, a link down below will show you how to get a hulk toon up and running very fast. If you don't want to wait or you see someone selling a very high end hulk toon for very cheap debate buying it with isk and putting it to work rather then waiting 3 months. If you have a maxed out hulk toon, train up another on the same account and then sell it when your done for isk, never ever allow your training slots to sit idle. And hulk accounts are meant to make you all the isk you can, their extra character slots support this.
V. Bonuses - never go without bonuses, even a drake will give you decent bonuses with the right toon and a perfect toon can make 2 miners mine as if they were 3. Maxed out rorqual pilots with a mind link can make you billions per DAY. Do not ignore them.
W. Orca's - they aren't bad haulers and not too expensive, just make sure you have them in their correct role. In 0.0 they should only be hauling and never giving bonuses, only rorquals give bonuses in 0.0 unless no rorqual is online.
X. Mining drones - they die, get disconnected, popped and forgotten all the time. Carry a pile of them in either your corp hanger array, your carriers drone bay or just have a pile in the 0.0 station you use. Since they die so often I usually just use Miner I drones, you can use higher if you have a good connection and a comp, just be careful.
Y. Hulk tank - you can avoid tanking with a battlecruiser if you want to pay for a gisti-b type small shield booster to handle almost any rat, just be aware that 3 frigates and 3 cruisers/battlecruisers can break your tank easier then 3 frigates and 3 battleships. Battleship guns and all that.
Z. Loose lips sink ships - it was true during WWII and it's true here, the more people know what you are doing and the more chances a low level spy will hear about it, they might not be able to nuke your operation but a single cloaky red in your system will shut down your entire operation until they leave. Remember a single cloaky can have a covert ops cyno and drop a bunch of bombers and black ops battleships all over you, be cautious.

Dealing with AFK cloakers
Players like these are always a pain in the rear to deal with, they either think their l33t pvpers or they hate your alliance so much they just want to shut down carebearing so badly that it folds from lack of resources. Ways to deal with them are varied but getting to another system is usually the easiest, after that are a bunch of friendlies in a safe spot ready to warp down to you if the guy uncloaks on top of you. Another is to have a recon cloaked off of you about 10km off, with long range and bonuses scram points as well as a few more friends to warp on top of the guy when he decloaks and tries to nuke you.

However with the current mechanics most players will gladly give up a >100m ship in exchange for a 500m+ hulk. In that case or until the next patch hits that fixes mining it's recommended that you just go elsewhere, the mechanics aren't very favorable to hulks atm and losing one can set you back an entire night of mining.

That a good enough warning? I hope so, so let me state this in bold letters so you don't forget it.
Minerals you mine yourself are NOT FREE.
There is ALWAYS a cost for minerals and if you can't figure it out think of it this way, if you spent that hour or hours ratting are the bounties free to give away? 'Oh that's isk, that's different!' I can almost hear a few people say, and to you I say shut up and learn. Your time is NEVER free in game, time is the one thing you always have and if you give it away to others for free you might as well join a communist corp and not worry about any isk making at all.

If you could mine the minerals, the COST for them is always what you can sell them in Jita for. Try never to go below that when selling or using your minerals, if not, you are quite literally giving away some of your income per hour to whoever buys your items or minerals.

Resources to use as a miner LINKS!!! - This site allows you to enter in the mineral prices at the top, hit apply and it'll update the entire chart with what ore is worth mining per m3. I've used it since 07 and I believe the guy who made it long ago left EVE. There are probably better links these days and if someone can put a few in this thread, PM me or EVE mail me I'll update the OP with them over time. ((NOTE upper left above Veldspar on the chart you can click and change to ice products)) another very professional site that lets you change the prices per unit of ore. - guide to training your new toon into a hulk at fastest speed, might be out of date. great for looking for options or systems via the great drop downs at the top once you get into the region section. Debate giving Wollari some isk, he works very hard on the site and I personally LOVE his work. Never hurts to tip the people that work so hard on sites we take for granted. - great ore guide I was sent, edited post to add this in.

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Re: [Links / Tools / Guides]

Postby Ashelor » Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:24 pm

Dear god.... been playing this for almost a month now,but still didn't understand 20% of what you wrote :eek

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Re: [Links / Tools / Guides]

Postby Harin » Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:19 am

I would be better if the author started with active ways to earn ISK, like mission running or exploration which are available to players from start. Almost all passive ways of income in EVE is too advanced for new players...

Hope he completes the guide soon...

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